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The Noble Strategy was born in 2007 from a working group with high degree of technical knowledge and proven experience in national and internacional works in the area of new software solutions. We always try to respond with dynamism, effort and character to the demands of the national market.

Our services are distinguished by their quality, related to the relentless pursuit of perfection, to always get something completely innovative and effective, able to leave your competition far from the desired productivity and put our customers a step ahead in the market. Our will is to establish strong commitments to our customers, suppliers and partners, basing this cooperation on respect, trust, seriousness, responsability and competence. We value and require dedication, organization and productivity to our team, taking special attetion to the internal procedures and structures, not forgetting the visibility in the market.

We take a rigorous approach in meeting deadlines, and always guarantee commitment and quality in every single work we do.

Our success is directly linked to the success of our customers, so we require ourselves to work so that the customer has a great experience during the provision of our services, always seeking to ensure their complete satisfaction.

We exist to improve solutions and help the national and international markets to evolve wisely for a better future.


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What can we do for your business?

Fully customized software
Website, online- shops and portals development
Graphics solutionss
Business consulting

Main Projects

  • 10-11-2007BestFacade - ISQ e-Learning

    Custom-made software to calculate the energy needs (heating / cooling), lighting, ventilation and CO2 production.

  • 08-07-2008PreForm Generator - Logoplaste Innovation Lab

    Customized software to automate the process of calculation and design of plastic bottles' preforms.

  • 15-06-2009Cartography Generator - SDT

    Made-to-order software to automate the process of inserting designed blocks into CAD cartography.

  • 14-12-2010MyAudioPhileStore - 1st Online Store

    Personalized Online Store to commercialize the products of MyAudioPhileStore.

  • 13-09-2011WebSite Financial Institution

    Website specially made to a bank entity.
  • 17-05-2012Logoplaste - Software CRM

    Customized CRM, fully developed to the needs of Logoplaste company.

  • 05-02-2013Nutrição Pro - Kalorias Club

    Tailored software to streamline and optimize the process of physical and nutritional assessment.

  • 17-05-2014Design Metrics - Logoplaste Innovation Lab

    Tailor-made software to evaluate the plastic bottles' preform.

  • 20-12-2015PNL Portugal - Website

    Platform developed for an institute that focuses on the area of ​​Neurolinguistic Programming. Allows to schedule Events / Configurations.

  • 20-10-2016Website Institute Gulbenkian of Science

    Noble Strategy developed and implemented the layout of 10 sites associated with the Gulbenkian Institute of Science.

  • 10-12-2017Portal Lifecooler

    Tailor-made software for hotel search anywhere in the world, linked to AbreuOnline and EmViagem to Lifecooler.

  • 10-12-2018Origama - Online Store

    Online store dedicated to the commercialization of articles that help promote healthy living habits
  • 07-03-2019Snowpass - Online Store and APP

    online store focused on sales of a single ski pass with more than 100 ski resorts availables. The application is connected to the online store.
  • 2020Your project !!!

    Describe us your idea, we help you to implement the next million dollar idea!!!
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