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Vinyl Gourmet – New Functionality Implementation
26 October, 2015
Viatura Fabinho
24 December, 2015
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Arten A4D is a parametric software for architecture, capable of generating 3D models starting from 2D bases, or model directly in 3D. Based on three-dimensional model, perspectives are automatically generated, isometric views, sections and elevations, details may change in any of the drawings and immediately see the consequences in the 3D model as well as in the other drawings. Thanks to the parameterization of the objects made available by extensive provided libraries (walls, doors, windows, roofs, stairs, etc.), changes to a given site, have automatic repercussions on all drawings and lists of related measurements, obviously also these listings are automatic and may even once set up, provide approximate budgets. To improve the visual aspect libraries are available for interior design, industrial engineering and landscape. Also there an optional module for the ArtenRender associated materials and textures 3D entities created by Arten A4D, obtaining photorealistic images. Another marketed module for Tool add-on is the ArtenT for modeling of land and more complex reliefs from the contour lines. Some features of Arten A4D: Innovative: It uses the latest programming technologies available for AutoCAD “Object ARX-DBX.” Dynamic: For entities (walls, doors, windows, etc …) are converted into smart objects / solids. These entities are modified automatically when intersect in the same way that any change to 2D design will be automatically recognized in three-dimensional design. Parametric: The properties of the main elements of the project are linked to an extremely flexible database created by the user, offering unlimited combinations of elements, which once stored are available for the next projects.

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