Corporate TV


What is it?

This is a dynamic, innovative, highly flexible and scalable form of communication that is central to the process of informing and/or selling.


What is it for?

It is an instrument with great usefulness in places where it is wanted to sell or inform: shops, counters open the public, places, with high quantity of products and prices, receptions, places of waiting, fairs, exhibitions and events.


What are the advantages?

  • Promotion of Brand Recognition;
  • Disclousure of messages in an appealing way, conveying an image of modernity and innovaion;
  • Emerging channel of communication and marketing that generates notoriety;
  • Agile update of messages to be transmitted;
  • Centralized management of content and terminals;
  • Segmentation of the issue according to the local or regional specificities of each space;
  • Modular system integrable with various content sources;
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI);
  • Characteristics

    • Management

    • Custom Layouts

    • Real-time management

    • Scheduling content

    • Support screen resolutions

    • Various types of multimedia

    Accessful communication

    • Communicate important alerts - Through the alerts it's possible to communicate important events, dates or promotions.

    • Improve the company communication - Offers to the employees and the public more attractive, segmented, assertive and accessible content.

    • Featured information - Through Corporate TV you can highlight more relevant information.

    • Better Perception - The contents of this channel, which are generally short, assertive and direct videos, facilitate the process of understanding the message.


    • ImagesJPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF

    • AudioWAV, WMA, MP3

    • VideoFlash, MPEG Layer 1, 2 e 4, WMV, MOV

    • WidgetsFeed RSS, Time, Clock...

    Digital Marketing Services

    In this section you can see some services that we provide.

    redes sociais
    Social Networks
    google adwords
    Google Adwords
    email marketing
    Email Marketing
    sms marketing
    SMS Marketing

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