In this space you will find publications about our most current projects with the intention of involving you in our business and making you realize what we do, who we do and how we do it!

We want to show you that we take pride in our work and that we organize to respond in the best way possible to our customers!

12 March, 2019

Magazine Ads – Software NS CRM/ERP

Noble Strategy developed an NS CRM / ERP ad to publish in the Segurança Magazine. The CRM/ERP controls all commercial activity and production of small, medium […]
3 January, 2019

Business Card – Precaver Reverter

Noble Strategy developed the business Cards, along with the Precaver/Reverter logo from Petrica Editores, Lda. Petrica is the Publisher that has been working with Segurança magazine […]
23 July, 2018

Poster – Oasis Bar

Noble Strategy developed a poster to promote Oasis Bar. The layout is inspired by the concept of the bar, and provides readers with essential information about […]
23 July, 2018

Poster – Escola do Oeste

Noble Strategy has developed a Poster and Outdoor to promote Escola do Oeste, a tourism school in Portugal. The layout is simple and and informs the readers, […]
23 July, 2018

Poster – Entre Amigos

Noble Strategy developed a poster to promote Entre Amigos restaurant. The Layout is simple and has the essential information for the readers, focusing also on the […]
1 June, 2018

Poster – Agência Veigas

Noble Strategy has developed a poster for Agência Veigas in order to promote its company. Agência Veigas is a real estate company. Client: Girod Médias Portugal Service: Graphic […]
30 May, 2018

Poster – A Praça

Noble Strategy has developed a poster for A Praça in order to promote the company. a Praça is a Cooffe, Restaurant, serve snacks, and traditional Portuguese […]
24 May, 2018

Poster – Remax

Noble Strategy together with the Remax developed a poster / mupi, to promote your store. . Customer: Remax Service: Graphic Design / Advertising Features: 4-color Mupi
24 May, 2018

Artemis Pet Store – New Online Store

Elaboration of an online store for Artemis Pet Store, Artemis Pet Store is an online pet shop. Client: Artemis Pet Store Service: Web Design / Graphic […]
3 May, 2018

Poster – A Casa do Bingre

Noble Strategy has developed 2 promotional posters for  A Casa do Bingre. Client: Girod Médias Portugal Serviço: Graphic Design
4 January, 2018

Thank You Flyer – Artemis Pet Store

Noble Strategy has developed ArtemisPetStore’s Thank You Flyer. ArtemisPetStore is an online pet store. Customer: ArtemisPetStore Services: Graphic design Website:
18 October, 2017

Girod Medias – Poster

Noble Strategy has developed the poster for the new Academy of Letters for Girod Medias. Academia das Letras is a study center. Client: Girod Medias Service: […]
15 September, 2017

Magnata Órbita

Noble Strategy has developed the business card of the company Magnata Orbit. Magnata Órbita is a subsidiary company of a German real estate consortium. Client: Magnata […]
13 September, 2017

Magnata Órbita

Noble Strategy has created a new logo for the Magnata Orbit. Magnata Órbita is a subsidiary company of a German real estate consortium. Client: Magnata Orbit […]
31 July, 2017

Open Cart shop integration with Redunicre payment method

Noble Strategy has integrated the payment method into an OpenCart storen. Is a company founded 11 years ago – with more than 80 years of manufacture […]
31 July, 2017

EDAF – Letterhead and Envelope

Noble Strategy has developed letterhead and envelope for EDAF. EDAF is a company focused on developing natural solutions to the challenges of modern agriculture. Client: EDAF […]
31 July, 2017

Girod Medias – Poster Dormudas

Noble Strategy has developed the poster for the Dormodas clothing store for Girod Medias Dormodas is a clothing store. Client: Girod Medias Service: Graphic Design
28 July, 2017

Axonométrica – New Web Site

New website of Axonométrica, a company that acts in the area of Architecture. The platform was developed according to the ideals of the group, resulting in […]
28 July, 2017

NS STORE – Product Reseller

Store Creation Online – NS Store now with a new design. The platform was developed with the aim of exposing and marketing the products we resell. […]
28 July, 2017

Sândalo – New Online Store

Elaboration of the Sandalwood online store. Sandalwood focuses on the business of all products containing wood in its composition. Client: Sândalo Service: Web Design / Graphic […]

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