In this space you will find publications about our most current projects with the intention of involving you in our business and making you realize what we do, who we do and how we do it!

We want to show you that we take pride in our work and that we organize to respond in the best way possible to our customers!

22 September, 2020

Online Store – Diogos Online Wine Shop

Noblestrategy developed the Diogos online store on a B2C Prestashop Platform and and integrated it with the Primavera billing software. Diogos is a online store that […]
11 September, 2020

Online Store – Gameplay

Noble Strategy created a new image for Gameplay online store in Prestashop platform and also implemented new features that will help to optimize their business. Gameplay […]
14 July, 2020

Online Store optimization – Albiscola

Noble Strategy was approached to optimize the performance and solve some problems and conflicts existing in Albiscola’s Online Store. Albiscola is a company that sales school […]
24 May, 2018

Artemis Pet Store – New Online Store

Elaboration of an online store for Artemis Pet Store, Artemis Pet Store is an online pet shop. Client: Artemis Pet Store Service: Web Design / Graphic […]
24 May, 2018

WebSite – FFiterm

Noble Strategy developed the new website for the company FFiterm in Prestashop. FFiterm is a company of equipment and service, committed to launch in the market equipment […]
2 May, 2018

Shipping Time – Origama

Noble Strategy installed the plugin Shipping Time  for the online store, origama. Origama is an online company that helps promote healthy living habits. Client: Origama Service: Plugin Website:
2 May, 2018

Live Customization – Origama

Noble Strategy installed plugin Live Customization for the online store, origama. Origama is an online company that helps promote healthy living habits. Client: Origama Service: Plugin Website:
8 January, 2018

Pay per View System Plugin Implementation – Clica e Vê

Noble Strategy has implemented the Pay Per View system plugin in the Click and See Store. Client: Clica e Vê Service: Development
28 December, 2017

ePortugal – Payment System

Noble Strategy made the integration of prestashop online store with CGD’s TPA payment system Client: ePortugal Service: Development
28 December, 2017

Diver – Bug fixes

Noble Strategy has fixed errors from the Diver store. Client: Diver Service: Web Design
28 December, 2017

Diver – Black Friday Module

Noble Strategy has implemented and configured the Black Friday module for the Diver store Client: Diver Service: Web Design
28 December, 2017

BestMassage – Facebook Corrections

Noble Strategy has fixed issues with the image posted on facebook through the magento store. Client: BestMassage Service: Development
12 November, 2017

Module Implementation Chat – BestMassage

Noble Strategy has installed and configured the Chat module for the BestMassage store. Client: BestMassage Service: Web Design
17 October, 2017


Noble Strategy has made bug fixes in the Prestashop store. DriverCentro is a company that has dedicated itself to the most diverse products of Hobby in […]
15 September, 2017

My Lucky Code – Prestashop online store integration and the Paysafecard payment method for MyLuckyCode

Noble Strategy has integrated the Prestashop online store and the Paysafecard payment method for MyLuckyCode. MyLuckyCode works as an auction sale, where you can buy credits, […]
31 July, 2017

Migrating data from a Prestashop store to WordPress / WooCommerce store

Noble Strategy migrated data from a PrestaShop store to a WordPress / WooCommerce online store
31 July, 2017

Open Cart shop integration with Redunicre payment method

Noble Strategy has integrated the payment method into an OpenCart storen. Is a company founded 11 years ago – with more than 80 years of manufacture […]
28 July, 2017

NS STORE – Product Reseller

Store Creation Online – NS Store now with a new design. The platform was developed with the aim of exposing and marketing the products we resell. […]
28 July, 2017

Sândalo – New Online Store

Elaboration of the Sandalwood online store. Sandalwood focuses on the business of all products containing wood in its composition. Client: Sândalo Service: Web Design / Graphic […]
28 July, 2017

RPinhal – Billing System Ourives

Noble Strategy made Integration / Synchronization of Magento online store with goldsmithing invoicing system of Point 25 in RPinhal. RPinhal is a trading company of Jewelery […]

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