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    {Joomla - Create website for your business}


    What is Joomla?

    Joomla! Is one of today's leading Content Management Systems (CMS). The separation of design, programming and content allows for a great flexibility in the production of sites with extremely personalized design.


    What is it for?

    Is a powerful tool for creating websites, suitable for use in the development of more complex web projects.


    What are the advantages?

    One of the main advantages of Joomla is that there are several plugins, adaptable themes for your needs and has a more advanced interface among the main CMS's in the market.

    Joomla Features

    • Loja

    • Comentarios

    • Multi-Lingua

    • Busca Otimizada

    • Ferramenta de Publicação

    • Responsive

    • Gerir Utilizadores

    • Gerir Mídia

    • Importar/Exportar

    • Temas

    • Plugins

    Billing Systems

    Payment methods

    Websites & Online Stores

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