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AvalSOFT Terrenos
28 September, 2015
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28 September, 2015


The AvalSoft is a registered national mark you want to have multiple software dedicated to real estate appraisal.

The AvalSoft Areas is an application developed in partnership with the Association of Appraisers in order to expedite and facilitate the real estate appraisal activity with regard to the measurement areas of the plant residential units or townhouses process.

The application provides the ability to measure only a specific area or a combination of several measurement areas. The proceedings are conducted through computerized and structured routines that guarantee the good areas of measurement practices, with its explanation of the steps, concepts and classifications used.

This application was developed because most plants are distorted in all its directions. It is necessary to determine and calculate the distortions in each direction to get to the actual measurements of the areas.

This software is protected with anti-piracy system using a USB hardware key.

Includes: protection key seater.


  • Big complexity of the calculations;
  • The distortions affecting the viability of the calculations;
  • The need to rely on technical experts to perform the calculations;
  • Time consuming process;
  • Little productive, taking too long to those involved;


  • Calculation of extremely complex mathematical algorithms;
  • Enter the data and automatically generates results;

And the benefits?

  • Increased productivity;
  • Freed professionals to other tasks;
  • Reduced costs;
  • Automatic compensation of distortion;
  • Super accurate calculation of areas;
  • Intuitive and simple;
  • Generate extremely detailed results reports;
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AvalSOFT Áreas
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