Software Pre-form Generator Pro
Pre-Form Generator Pro
28 September, 2015
Software Cartography Block Generator Pro
Cartography Block Generator Pro
28 September, 2015
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Software GeoDB

Software GeoDB


    The intention with this application is to create relational databases, local and global to be able to connect intelligently to information, using when necessary the complex data processing algorithms.

    We take for example the area of real estate, in order to adapt this application to the development of another, under the brand of AvalSoft, for the property valuation.

    The goal is to create a global database which all appraisers in the domestic market to enjoy as long as registered by paying the annual fee, almost symbolic, and sign a liability waiver, which confirm the knowledge of evaluation criteria , pledging to respect them.

    Operating Summary

    • By accessing, enter the site address to evaluate and some features;
    • You can add characteristics to your property;
    • Possibility to connect to a laser meter with bluetooth for measuring different areas;
    • Compare and analyze results;
    • Review documents (photos, videos, plants, etc);
    • Export report to Word;

    • Export XML to facilitate billing;
    • In the version for the AvalSoft, it will still be made the comparison and processing of data, which will allow the output of the Output "Property Value" automatically;
    • You can use other applications and export your data to compare your property with others;



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