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15 February, 2018
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The IOT Challgenge Project arose from the need to control and properly feed our pets, thus avoiding animal obesity. Sometimes in our stressful lives we do not have time to do it, we make bad choices and they suffer from it. The solution was to create a food dispenser that, through an application, helps us to properly feed our animals.

The Application ...

  • You want to automate the feeding of animals and monitor their health status.
  • When registering the animal, the most appropriate ration is recommended and in appropriate quantities.
  • Creating Weld Customization Interface (Type, Angle, Root Face, Root Opening, Edge / Around)
  • The application alerts the owner when the dispenser is empty or when to buy more feed.
  • You can buy the feed directly from the application.
  • The dispenser communicates with the application using the thingworx platform.

IOT ...

  • At the correct time, the food for the animal is dispensed.
  • Allows you to control the weight of animals using a scale.
  • Tekla plugins directory installation wizard;
  • Through a device you can tell which animal you are eating.

And the advantages?

  • Set the dispenser - Controls the amount and times the food is dispensed;
  • Dispenser sensor - Lets know how much ration it has;
  • Sensor on the plate - You can tell if the animal is eating all the feed and how often.
  • Balance - Control the weight of the animal.

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