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28 September, 2015
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12 August, 2015


Custom-made software in partnership with Instituto da Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ) and with Instituto Fraunhofer. This project was promoted by the European Community in the implementation of energy certification measures in buildings in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.

The application aimed to calculate the emission of CO2 gases, the energy needs (heating / cooling), lighting and ventilation needs.


  • Big complexity;
  • Big specificity;
  • The need to rely on technical experts to perform the calculations;
  • Time consuming process;


  • Calculation of extremely complex mathematical algorithms;
  • Put the data, the application calculates with high accuracy, all the needs of the building;

And the benefits?

  • Increased productivity;
  • freed professionals to other tasks;
  • Reduced costs;
  • The user can access anywhere in the world;
  • Extremely accurate;
  • Intituitiva and simple;
  • Generate result reports;
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