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28 September, 2015
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28 September, 2015


This software was specially created to Kalorias Club in order to streamline and optimize the process of physical and nutritional assessment of the club users. The application was integrated with an InBody scale to make the physical evaluation faster and more effective. Subsequently, the dietitian will have access to all this data and will be able to prescribe an eating plan based on them.


  • Physical assessment of the wearer;
  • Registration of several measurements and other observations;
  • Send an email to the nutritionist for her review;
  • The dietitian analyzed the data and put them in an Excel sheet to make some calculations;
  • After the data obtained, develop a nutritional plan and sends it to the instructor of the user;
  • Process takes too long;


  • The instructor measures the body composition of the user in the balance;
  • The balance automatically transfers the data of interest to the new application that the instructor has opened on PC or Tablet and which registers the additional data;
  • The nutritionist receive real-time updates that have a new eating plan to accomplish. Opening the application, already have all the data of the partner and the metabolic beads made, simply prescribe the plan;
  • Once prescribed, the user can log into your account and view it;

And the benefits?

  • More productivity for both the instructor and to the nutritionist;
  • Reduction of time;
  • The user can access, helping to their motivation to carry out the plan;

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