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8 August, 2018
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23 July, 2018

Noble Strategy has made a Restyling of the AGROCINCO logo. The came by the need to translate in a simple and clear way the values ​​that characterize the company, without breaking radically with the existing image and in particular decoding the sector of its performance. The style of the font also accompanies the visual image of the symbol.
The new logo is simple and elegant at the same time demonstrates the seriousness and solidity of the company. Its visual structure was conceived in order to allow a correct application in the different types of support as well as communication products.

AGROCINCO was founded in 1988, the company currently has a highly qualified technical staff with extensive experience, executes interventions with the most modern production technology, supporting its corporate culture in dedication and professionalism. The company is mainly engaged in the construction of infrastructures, exterior fittings, construction and reconstruction of buildings and hydraulic works.

Service: Graphic Design

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Other works made for AGROCINCO:

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