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28 September, 2015
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28 September, 2015


The Pre-Form Generator Pro was develop to Logoplaste Technology, the thir biggest company in the industry of the plastic injection. Its creation aimed to automate the process of calculating and preforms of plastic bottles design. Manual processing was too time consuming, requiring a very big mental strain of employees. It was necessary several designs and several attempts to do so for the right weight and hardly got the optimum thickness.

"Eight years ago, Pedro Lopes, Projects Managers, with the Logoplaste Innovation Lab Team lingered one day or more to design the pre-forms of a single bottle"

Given that Logoplaste manages 60 factories in 17 different countries, we can imagine the disorder that caused this process, both in terms of utilization of human resources, as well as the level of costs and associated profits.


  • Drawing the pre-forms in 2D using Excel sheets coupled t an interactive Lisp algorithm on Autocad Full;
  • Gerar o seu 3D em AutoCad Full;
  • Cálculo do volume da pré-forma e respectivo peso;
  • Analisar se a pré-forma obtida possui o peso ideal;
  • Caso não tenha o peso ideal, procede-se à re-alimentação sucessiva do algoritmo Lisp do 1º Ponto e repete-se todo o processo ineractivamente até obter uma espessura aproximada da óptima;


  • Using entry data, the Pre-Form Generator Pro automatically generates the draw of the pre-form, calculates the optimal thickness using extremely complex mathematical algorithms, allowing you to record the drawing in DXF format and generate a results report;
  • "About two seconds, says Pedro, and the design is almost always perfect"

And the benefits?

  • Increased productivity;
  • Freed professionals to improve the service (from days to seconds!);
  • Dispensed with the use of AutoCAD, which alone are expensive;
  • The Beta version enters immediately into production and can even be sold, creating a much higher return on investment;
  • Possibility to export in EPS;
  • Calculating allowed implement other features (Production Cycle, L / t estimate the number of preforms per container)
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Pre-Form Generator Pro
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