Learn how to protect yourself on digital world



What is it?

Cybersecurity is a set of technological measures that protects software, hardware, networks, programs and data from any suspected of intrusion. This way, we assure that important data don't be usurped and these are only accessible to those who have permission.


What threats exist?

Unprotected companies are at great danger of damage from invasion situations, some of the consequences can be:

Password stealing, data loss, publish of sensitive information, fraud attempts to financial transactions, denial of service sttack (DoS) ,attacks on web servers, etc.


How to protect yourself

To get your company ready to detect, prevent and combat cyber attacks, Noble Strategy has trainings, where a set of good practices is presented to don't be a victim of these attacks.

Security Measures

  • Use Encryption

  • Establish an internal security policy

  • Keep softwares updated

  • Use digital signatures

  • Investing in a VPN

  • Password management

  • Make security tests

  • Make backups

  • Give training to the employees

  • Use cloud storage

  • Have a good SPAM system

  • Install the SSL certificate

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