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API Primavera

Primavera is a management and billing software, can also be nominated ERP. Was developed, thinking on small and medium-sized business ,offering solutions for the many commercial sectors. It's a very complete software, with many tools for your business.


Integrate Primavera in your online store

Noble Strategy integrates your online store with the Primavera API.

Safely, an automatic synchronization is made between your management / billing system and your online store, keeping information updated in real time.

Being a bidirectional system, facilitates the sharing of information between both, and for being automatic, reduces operating time, releasing time for employees to do other tasks.

Automatic data synchronization

By integrating this API into your e-commerce platform, is made a bidirectional and automatic synchronization between your online store and your billing software, independently of the business area. Centering all information in ERP Primavera, simplifies the management of orders, customers, stocks, and invoices, increasing your company's productivity.

products, descriptions, images,
stocks and invoices


loja online
 Online Store

Customers, addresses, orders,
exchanges and returns



- New products enter the warehouse                                                  seta
- The stock synchronizes automatically on Primavera                    seta


Synchronization of Stocks
between the online store
and Primavera

- The Customer registers in the online store
- The Client updates his information                                          seta
- Customer makes a purchase

- The Customer can consult their updated information          seta


- Information updates in Primavera

encomenda loja

- The Customer make a purchase in the online store                  seta
- The Customer can check the status of his order                       seta
  and tracking up on it.   


of Orders
in real time


- The customer communicates through the online store            seta
- The Employee processes the order and communicates           seta
  with the customer


Synchronization of
Exchanges, Returns
and Breakdowns

Primavera Modules

Primavera has some modules and tools, to meet the challenges of different areas of your company. 

  • Human Resorces

  • sales

  • Treasury

  • Accounting

  • Inventories

  • Contracts

  • Projects

  • GDPR