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Laravel Framework - Optimize your activity


What is it?

Laravel is a powerful framework for PHP and one of the most popular today. Characterized by its speed in application development. Of great elegance, simplicity and open source allows you to work in a structured and fast way. Providing all the necessary tools for a modern and sustainable PHP programming.


Laravel benefits

  • Composer - A tool that allows easily managing third-party packages of the application;
  • Blade - It's a laravel template system that stands out for its flexibility. The two main benefits of Blade's use, are inheritance and sections, allowing you to easily work with master page concept;
  • Route system - Simplifies the work on routes concept;
  • Eloquent - It's the Laravel's ORM pattern, that applies the Design Patter, ActiveRecord where each table in the database is represented in the code through a "Model" class.
  • QueryBuilder - It's a querys builder, which can be used to perform most database operations.
  • Artisan Console - It's a command line interface that provides several commands to facilitate the application development and also allows you to create new commands.
  • Database