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    Shopify – Your online store

    Access to your products anytime, anywhere

    Shopify - Create your online store


    What is Shopify?

    Shopify is a Canadian trading company based in Ottawa, Ontario, which develops computer software for online stores and retail point of sale systems. It was founded in 2004 and was initially based on previous software developed by its founders for its online snowboarding shop ..


    What is it for?

    Shopify has as main functionality the sale of products. Through this online presence, you can catalog your products and allow your customers to invest in your assets without having to go to the physical store.


    Advantages for the customer?

    The customer has the possibility to buy what they want and need through the computer, in a quick and simple transition, being able to observe a wide range of products without having to go to different physical points of sale.

    Shopify Features

    Back Office

    • Gestão de Categorias

    • Gestão de Produtos

    • Gestão de Stock

    • Gestão de Clientes

    • Gestão de Encomendas

    • Gestão de Transportadoras

    • Gestão de Promoções

    • Painel de Estatísticas

    • Multilíngue

    • Contas de empregados

    • Marcação de Produtos/Bloco de tags

    • Modo manutenção

    • Visitantes online

    • Relatórios


    Front Office

    • Galeria de Fotos

    • Suporte de Pagamentos

    • Shopping Cart

    • Multilíngue

    • Fatura do cliente em PDF

    • Produtos em destaque

    • Conta de cliente

    • Pesquisa

    • Lista de Desejos

    • Newsletter

    • Formularios de contato

    • Produtos vistos por clientes

    • Promoções

    • Monitoramento da encomenda

    Payment methods

    Billing Systems

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