4 September, 2015
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4 September, 2015
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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing - Tell them firsthand!

It is an excellent tool to Small and Medium Businesses that search to reach the bigger number of people to a low cost. It consist of sending text messages with different informations, since news from the company, new products, new services, promotions or even personal messages in special dates, creating an affective bond between your company and its customers. This customization makes SMS Marketing be a direct and interactive method to communicate with your audience.

In Portugal, more than 9,5 million people uses their cellphone and that's why this tool becomes unbeatable comparing to others. The reading rate is super high because even if it is advertising, the people who received the message will, at the minimum, open it and erase it.

We help you to plan the structure of your SMS Marketing, since targeting to the contents of it, to software capable to send them. Talk to us!

Digital Marketing Services

In this section you can see some services that we provide.

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Social Networks
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