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26 February, 2018
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26 November, 2018
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Software as a Service – SAAS


Software as a Service - SaaS


1. SaaS - What is?

SaaS is a model of software licensing in which hires a software delivery service for a specific purpose with recurring payments. Lets you use cloud-based applications over the internet and you do not need to buy, install, upgrade.


3. Greater Security

The service provider ensures the availability and security of the of the leased application, as well as your data. If you run out of your computer do not lose your data because they are hosted in the Cloud. With SaaS you will always have an up-to-date service and a faster and more efficient.


2. Access Anywhere

Because the data is stored in the Cloud, you can access to your account anywhere, as long as the computer or mobile device is connected to the internet.


4. Lower investment

The user pays only what to use, does not need facilities, so there is no initial investment. It also allows you to use applications ERP and CRM more economically, which is a great advantage for companies with fewer resources.

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Other Software Services

In this seccion, you can see some software services that we provide.

aplicações desktop

Desktop Applications

aplicações web

Web Applications

aplicações mobile

Mobile Applications

software iot
Internet of Things - IOT

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