28 September, 2015
19 October, 2015
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Testimonials – What our customers say about our work


The next testimonies were given voluntarily confirming our availability and confidence to them. We always seek for the improvement of our customers' projects. Our sucess is after your sucess and without our customers, the Noble Strategy did not exist.

Thank you very much to everyone who participated. See their feedback about us!

It was a pleasure to work with Noble Strategy given its high professionalism, namely in technical expertise and meeting deadlines. If you went back, you would choose exactly the same company to do our site!

Nuno Moreno

Gulbenkian Science Institute

It was a pleasure to work with Noble Strategy given its high professionalism, namely in technical expertise and meeting deadlines. If you went back, you would choose exactly the same company to do our website!

Nuno Moreno

Instituto Gulbenkian da Ciência

The partnership with Noble Strategy has allowed LOGOPLASTE Innovation Lab will develop platforms and software that set us apart from any competition in packaging development market.Software like Pre-form Generator and Design Metrics enabled us to accelerate the development process with quality levels much higher than was previously done.

Paulo Correia

Logoplaste Innovation Lab

Our partnership with Noble Strategy has allowed us to further develop the features of our website. The developed work is always of quality and performed quickly and agility, essential aspects these days, where everything happens so fast.

Marco Araújo

ENGIE Hemera, S.A

The partnership with Noble Strategy had the great advantage of allowing the development of an online wine sales store in integration with our Primavera invoicing software, automating the invoice issuing and stock control processes. From the first hour, the entire Noble Strategy team made a great effort to try to adapt the online store to all the particularities existing in our business. This collaboration also extended after the launch phase of the website, through continuous support that has been provided in the improvements that we have been making to the page over time.

Marco Vera Cruz

Diogos OnL Wine Shop

CLT has been working with Noble Strategy for over a year and it's very pleased with the professionalism and speed in providing solutions to problems that arise from CTL's part. Beyond the immediate support they seek to provide to us, frequent upgrade suggestions allows our software quality to keep improving, providing a better experience for our customers.

Inês Henriques


We would like to congratulate the entire Noble Strategy team for providing excellent service at all stages of the process of creating our company's platform. We are very happy with the result. Noble is a serious, reliable and extremely competent company. Thanks!

Flávia Areias


I was very pleased with the work done by Noble Strategy and recommend it to anyone who wants to start a business.

Paulo Coelho

Planeta dos Animais

After three years looking for the right partner, Noble Strategy proved to be the obvious choice. Quality, availability and perfectionism are some of the adjectives that qualify the company. The ideas and dreams are nothing if not implemented. The partnership with Noble Strategy made those ideas and those dreams a reality. Made possible the birth of MYLUCKYCODE.COM.



Excellent work, we proposed the development of a module for prestashop which was perfectly executed. Devotion, professionalism and readiness to respond to all our requests.

Rui Pinhal

RPinhal Joalheiros

We searched for a long time a partner to design our website. We are not in the same country, we don’t speak the same language so at we thought that perhaps there was a risk to work with them. But when we saw the portfolio of NOBLE STRATEGY we found it very interesting and we began to work with them. Now we are very happy of this partnership because NOBLE STRATEGY is very professional and reactive and these two points are very important for us.

Serge Campo


About Noble Strategy, everyday the partnership between the two companies has been clearly reforced. Among many analysis strands i would like to highlight the multi-diversity of skills, the availability, skills and professionalism of its employees ALWAYS available to interact with us. Keep going Noble ... Congratulations!

João Veríssimo

Cubic Approach

I 100% recommend Noble Strategy, huge professionalism, fast work! Besides that, 5 Stars people!

Ângelo Peixe

Contraste Vaping

The Noble Strategy was indeed a crucial partner in the development of my business. They did not just make the passage of my business concept from paper to practice component, but the experience and advice enabled demonstrated avoid blunders for those who start a startup, particularly in a business segment peculiar and niche as mine. Even today there is a similar portal in Portugal.

Valério Farias


Quality service, unique and creative, with an innovative vision. Always available and able to surprise!

Carla Martins


The bill creating essentially bet on the absolute quality of services and products capable of satisfying the most demanding customers and connoisseurs, therefore the online store could be created based on similar criteria, something that requires a lot of dedication, diverse skills, and thorough job in technical terms and management of the various stages of implementation. The Noble Strategy was from the start able to live up to my high expectations, always finding solutions to the complex functional requirements that were requested with a very efficient way of working and genuine concern for the customer and their needs. In Noble Strategy found a team capable of responding to my needs in various fields since the establishment of online applications, through graphic design in various media, and today the maintenance of the project already up and running, always with quick response and care custom that makes me always rested and gives me confidence for the future. I highly recommend the Noble Strategy for demanding projects where quality is more than just a word, it's a way of being and of doing things! My thanks to Noble Strategy and his team with the votes of a continuation of your excellent work.

Sérgio Redondo


Working with Noble Strategy is to benefit from a quality of exemplary service, led by Nuno, with a highly professional team. The efficiency, competence, loyalty, full availability and a quick response to our requests, based on a spirit of mutual mutual aid, which form the foundation for our current successful partnership, we aim to not only preserve but enhance.

João Ribeiro


Noble Strategy corresponded with professionalism and rigor to challenge launched. I'll certainly count on the Noble Strategy in future challenges.

Duarte Lourenço

Buran Studio

Noble met on the net without any previous reference. I was quickly captivated by the warmth and spontaneity of Sonia, and also noticed that there was behind a large computer that is Nuno. They make a perfect team by creating a family empathize with the customer. No issue or problem was until today unanswered. Our company feels safe because it is aware that Noble constantly monitors the quality of service of our website and our email accounts. fully recommend their services.



I liked the way we work and the deadlines greetings.

Duit Design

Duit Design

I have only to point out the professionalism, the rapid response to the requests, along with constant suggestions, essential for the development of the work together. This joint work benefited not only the level of graphic and design work, but also the practical development of the platform developed.

Diogo Salmim


The Noble Strategy develops its work based on personalized support to its customers. The young and dynamic team of Noble gives assurance of success for their clients. I recommend Noble as a partner for your business.

Filipe Lourenço


More than a provider, Noble Strategy is a trusted partner, always available to meet Explica-me needs

Alfredo Santos


Undoubtedly, excellent professionals! With high technical expertise, creativity and dedication unbeatable !! Thank you for your support. No doubt I will contact you again for other projects! See you soon.

Carlos Izes


At my point of view, Noblestrategy performed its work with the highest quality and speedy resolution of a computer problem in time, avoiding the worse for their client. This way I just have to say that the readiness and performance of the problem was solved quickly.

Miguel Ferreira

Original Colors

Really enjoyed. The prices were affordable and the work was very elegant and beautiful it was just what I wanted.

Cristina Constantino

Cristina Cabeleireiros

We contacted Noble Strategy to rebrand our image and create a new web site. They are always professional and aware to our needs. The final work was flawless and we definitely recommend your services!


Artemis pet Store

I liked the Noble Strategy work !!! They are fast and the prices are good quality work!

Simone Sousa

Doce Prenda

Job well done. I recommend.

Jeremy Teixeira

Girod Medias Portugal

Was an amazing job.

Paula Almeida

Conta Oculta

Noble has worked with us in the development and maintenance of our e-commerce site and I can say is that we are very satisfied with their technical competence and availability that have always shown in our partnership.

Carlos Lima

Oticas do Minho

For us, the Noble Strategy biggest value is the great variety of skills available to provide us with a complete service and to respond to our different needs and urgencies.

Pedro Neiva


The Noble Strategy provided services at Axonometric very hard and in a satisfactory way.

Irene Caeiro


After a horrible experience creating an online store, i contact, with fear, Noble Strategy, that with their professionalism, deep knowledge and strict accomplish to the deadlines have given me back my confidence.I 100% recommend Noble Strategy.

Ivo Loureiro

Albiscola, Lda

We were very pleased with the work we requested from Noble Strategy, considering continuing the same it in a very short term.

Carlos Silva

BestMassage Internacional

For a long time I looked for a partner to help me advertise my company in the digital world. I found Noble Strategy, and I never left them. Always available to meet my ideas. Competences and knowledge always adapted to the needs. Always treating me as an equal, and never as one more. More than a supplier, they are a valuable partner for my company's evolution. thank you, Noble Strategy.

Valter Francisco

Space Data

Do you  need a credible company, with ethics and professionalism to develop your project? Look no further, because NOBLE STRATEGY has this and more. CONTACT NOW!!!The  “Segurança”  magazine was proof of that.NOBLESTARTEGY has the right team for what you need.

Isabel Santos

Revista Segurança

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